Student Arrival/Dismissal

At Mountain View Elementary School student safety is our first and foremost priority. In accordance to our RUSD Board policy, our campus is closed before and after instructional hours. This means that parents and other adults will need to drop off and pick up their students off at one of our two main gates.

WalkersCar Pick Up

  1. Students walking to/from campus, may use the front gate beside the main office.
  2. Students arriving/departing campus in vehicles should use the rear gate at the end of the main driveway on Mountain View Ave.
  • Only TK/Kindergarten students may enter through the gate at the kindergarten playground, which fronts Streeter Avenue at the bus lane.

For the safety of our Roadrunners and the community, please adhere to these safety precautions when picking up and dropping off your student.

  • The painted crosswalks on the main driveway are to be kept clear at all times.
  • The right lane has been designated for the loading and unloading of students only, NO PARKING!
  • The left lane of the entering driveway is to be kept open for those moving through to the driveway loop and exit.
  • Stay alert for vehicles pulling into and out of the loading/unloading zone and be mindful to keep traffic flowing smoothly.
  • All traffic rules, posted signs, and painted curbs are to be observed, along with the directions given by supervising school personnel.

 Please be patient, courteous, and cautious.

Removing Students from School

In cases of illness or emergency involving students at school, the school will contact the parent/legal guardian or relatives/friends listed on the student’s emergency card. ONLY individuals listed on the student’s emergency card will be permitted to pick up the student. Any person picking up a student for illness or emergency after being contacted by the school will be required to show identification and to sign the student out using the school log before they pick up or speak to the student. (E.C. 49408)

If a student is being picked up for any non-school related reason the person removing or picking up the student must have written permission from the parent/legal guardian even if they are listed on the emergency card. In all cases, the site administrator will be notified that the student is being removed from class or being picked up. Even with written permission, access to speak with the student may be denied at the discretion of the site administrator in an effort to reduce interruptions in instructional time.

In the case of medical and other such appointments, the person picking up a student must be over 18 years of age, have written permission to pick up the child from school during school hours for the day of the appointment only. Notes for ongoing or future appointments will not be accepted. The written document must specify the name of the person who may pick the child up from school during school hours, the specific date, the purpose, and it must be signed by the parent. The person picking up the student will be required to show identification and to sign the student out using the school log before they pick up or speak to the student. 

If the person picking up the student does not have written permission, the school may contact the parent to obtain written permission either in writing or by email. Without parent permission, a student may not be released to a family friend/relative, even if they are listed on the emergency card.

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